Clutch Tools
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Clutch Tools

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£21.14 Ex Tax: £17.62

Chemically blackened steel components in storage case. Aids alignment of clutch plate for ..

£139.67 Ex Tax: £116.39

Suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicles. Screw action provides fast adjustment to..

£9.72 Ex Tax: £8.10

Nylon components with steel main shaft. Fits 90% of cars and light vans up to 5tonne gross..

£197.53 Ex Tax: £164.61

High quality die-cast aluminium tool. Suitable for pre-tensioning clutch plate combination..

£341.47 Ex Tax: £284.56

Necessary for pre-tensioning self-adjusting clutches before removal or installation. Preve..

£187.78 Ex Tax: £156.49

Essential tool for DSG clutch removal and installation used on VAG 6/7-speed gearboxes. Ki..

£185.43 Ex Tax: £154.53

Essential tool designed to test the condition of a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF). Use with the ..

£80.91 Ex Tax: £67.42

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including some light commercial. Screw action provid..

£15.12 Ex Tax: £12.60

Double end tool for aligning the clutch plate when fitting the clutch cover on Land Rover ..

£31.41 Ex Tax: £26.17

For clutch plate alignment on 5-speed gearboxes fitted to engine codes (W10, B14A and B16A..

£48.34 Ex Tax: £40.29

For clutch plate alignment on 6-speed gearboxes. Engine codes: Petrol; W11, B16A, Diesel; ..

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