Suspension Tools
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Suspension Tools

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£72.04 Ex Tax: £60.03

Designed to support suspension struts during repair operations. To be used in conjunction ..

£29.53 Ex Tax: £24.61

Designed to access hard-to-reach fixings on the suspension strut. Suitable for Volkswagen ..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42

Ideal for removing and refitting the wheel hub retaining nuts and adjusting the wheel bear..

£34.63 Ex Tax: £28.86

Designed to hold the central strut whilst the securing nut is removed. WARNING: Ensure the..

£18.75 £14.42 Ex Tax: £15.62

Designed to prevent the damper piston rod from turning while removing and replacing the re..

£13.57 Ex Tax: £11.31

Heavy-duty 6-point specialised stepped 36mm impact socket for removing the front hub nut o..

£48.01 Ex Tax: £40.01

Heavy-duty 4-point specialised impact socket for removing the rear hub nut on RWD Ford Tra..

£99.75 Ex Tax: £83.13

Suitable for the in situ separation of suspension components with minimum manual effort an..

£20.09 £28.05 Ex Tax: £16.74

Simple but ingenious tool that tests for movement and wear in suspension components such a..

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