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Seal & Hub Tools

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£37.05 Ex Tax: £30.88

Stud hub cleaning pads for Model No. VS8002...

£36.25 Ex Tax: £30.21

Quick and easy wheel stud cleaning tool. Supplied with a 1/2"Sq drive/1/4"Hex adaptor. Six..

£53.56 Ex Tax: £44.63

Made from high quality Chrome Vanadium steel for added strength and durability. Universal ..

£9.34 Ex Tax: £7.78

Steel body with thrust bolt. Suitable for hubs with four stud fixings and stud centres bet..

£6.92 Ex Tax: £5.77

Chrome shaft with chemically blackened tip insert. Suitable for safe removal of oil and gr..

£32.93 Ex Tax: £27.44

Ductile steel electrodeposition finished body with thrust bolt and tommy bar. Suitable for..

£28.40 Ex Tax: £23.67

High quality Chrome Molybdenum hub impact sockets/hex bits. Specially designed for VAG veh..

£67.13 £50.37 Ex Tax: £55.94

Designed for use on fixings that have a high torque setting. Counter-weighted design reduc..

£16.30 Ex Tax: £13.59

Universal hub holding wrench. Suitable for four and five stud wheels...

£44.66 Ex Tax: £37.22

Suitable for removal and installation of spring and shock strut from steering knuckle. Pre..

£20.09 £24.15 Ex Tax: £16.74

Mercedes Sprinter W901-W905 (95-06) rear axle hub nut spanner. Required for the grooved lo..

£83.13 Ex Tax: £69.27

Comprehensive kit for the removal and installation of oil seals without damaging the new s..

£49.12 Ex Tax: £40.94

Removes surface dirt and corrosion on hubs that use wheel bolts. Ideal for preparing wheel..

£18.82 Ex Tax: £15.68

Cleaning disc for Model No. VS8001...

£45.43 Ex Tax: £37.86

Removes surface dirt and corrosion on hubs fitted with studs. Ideal for preparing wheels, ..

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