Multipurpose Tools & Sets
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Multipurpose Tools & Sets

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£82.21 Ex Tax: £68.51

Enables fast and simple removal of crankshaft and auxiliary pulleys - even in a confined s..

£15.09 Ex Tax: £12.58

Adjustable legs allow insertion of pegs into holes in camshaft pulleys. Suitable for coars..

£36.18 Ex Tax: £30.15

Designed to remove and install fan clutch and rotate or restrain the camshaft pulley. Adju..

£95.52 Ex Tax: £79.60

Camshaft, crankshaft and flywheel locking tools with wide general coverage suitable for a ..

£39.47 Ex Tax: £32.89

Designed to lock twin camshaft in the timed position when replacing the timing belt. Huge ..

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