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£4.39 Ex Tax: £3.66

Manufactured from high quality drop-forged steel with a fully polished finish. Eight sizes..

£3.29 Ex Tax: £2.74

Heater hose disconnection tool for Ford vehicles. Designed to make the job of disconnectin..

£5.87 Ex Tax: £4.89

Crankshaft sensor hex key 80mm long reach. Chrome Vanadium 4mm ball-end hex key. Fits a wi..

£18.75 £13.41 Ex Tax: £15.62

Locates in starter ring gear teeth. Spring loaded catch for ease of use...

£73.56 Ex Tax: £61.30

Engine and transmission dipsticks for checking oil level. This comprehensive set is compat..

£16.96 Ex Tax: £14.13

Specially designed spanner and split deep socket to assist in the removal, fitting and adj..

£18.44 Ex Tax: £15.37

Designed to access the turbocharger fitting located underneath the turbocharger. Suitable ..

£67.13 £60.44 Ex Tax: £55.94

Designed to provide a safe and controlled method of adjusting the belt tensioner when remo..

£15.77 Ex Tax: £13.14

Designed to measure the engine oil levels on Audi vehicles fitted with electronic oil leve..

£6.76 Ex Tax: £5.63

Flexible magnetic pick-up tool perfect for reaching those hard-to-access areas, built with..

£10.39 Ex Tax: £8.66

Designed to separate the engine or gearbox sump without damaging the sump. Thin blade allo..

£17.11 Ex Tax: £14.26

Fastens and seals into the engine filler. Hands-free operation with no mess or spills...

£27.53 Ex Tax: £22.94

Fastens and seals into the engine filler with four manufacturer specific adaptors. Coverin..

£58.05 Ex Tax: £48.37

Crankshaft rear seal remover/installer. Time-saving tool, supplied with pin punch and self..

£701.51 Ex Tax: £584.60

The torque multiplier has a 1/2"Sq drive input and 3/4"Sq drive output. A torque multiplie..

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