Compression Test - Petrol
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Compression Test - Petrol

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£31.22 Ex Tax: £26.02

Compression tester fitted with Ø63mm gauge reading up to 300psi (20kg/cm²). Kit includes 1..

£21.14 Ex Tax: £17.62

Valved extension enables access to deep-seated plugs. Features M14 thread and two thread a..

£60.45 Ex Tax: £50.38

Designed to detect a variety of common engine faults including: worn piston rings, worn va..

£75.57 Ex Tax: £62.98

Ø59mm Gauge fitted with 250mm hose and quick connect. Scale reads from 0-21bar(0-300psi). ..

£83.64 Ex Tax: £69.70

Features 300psi gauge with large rubber bumper. Includes extension for deep-seated plugs a..

£24.17 Ex Tax: £20.14

Fitted with Ø65mm gauge having two scales (psi and kPa), reading from 0-300psi and 0-2000k..

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