Test Leads
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Test Leads

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£8.47 Ex Tax: £7.06

Assists in the diagnosis of airbag units and seat belt pretensioners. Connect in place of ..

£16.09 Ex Tax: £13.41

Noid Test Light Kit is used to provide an easy-to-use, universal method for diagnostic tes..

£210.03 Ex Tax: £175.02

Comprehensive set of test leads and components suitable for testing, isolating and evaluat..

£83.83 Ex Tax: £69.85

Professional set of test leads and components suitable for testing and evaluating automoti..

£22.14 Ex Tax: £18.45

Connector set containing seven common sizes of male and female connectors and two earth le..

£7.70 Ex Tax: £6.42

Five pairs of coloured cables. Each cable has shrouded crocodile clips at each end. Use as..

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