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£315.13 Ex Tax: £262.61

Package includes: Model No. - Description HRP45 - High Voltage Rescue Pole. HVG1000VL - 1..

£6.69 Ex Tax: £5.58

For adjusting the adaptive cruise control (ACC) RADAR unit. Equivalent to VAG tool VAS6190..

£159.90 Ex Tax: £133.25

High voltage rescue pole suitable for use up to 45kV AC in dry conditions, in accordance w..

£29.66 Ex Tax: £24.72

Essential for creating an exclusion zone when working on high voltage vehicles...

£79.93 Ex Tax: £66.61

Electrician's gloves suitable for use on hybrid and electric vehicles. Class 0 gloves suit..

£77.58 Ex Tax: £64.65

Class 2 High voltage insulating rubber floor mat. Essential item required to protect vehic..

£14.09 Ex Tax: £11.74

Electrical hazard warning sign, suitable for use on an exclusion zone around a hybrid or e..

£4.68 Ex Tax: £3.90

Essential safety warning sign for placing on a hybrid or electric vehicle whilst service o..

£2.53 Ex Tax: £2.11

Safety warning tag for placing with hybrid or electric vehicle keys whilst service or repa..

£12.86 Ex Tax: £10.72

Red plastic connectors suitable for joining 6mm chain. For use with Model No's HSC25M Safe..

£13.67 Ex Tax: £11.39

Red plastic S-hooks suitable for attaching 6mm chain to posts. For use with Model No's HSC..

£19.18 Ex Tax: £15.98

Highly visible red/white post with base. Base can be filled with dry sand for added stabil..

£2.39 Ex Tax: £1.99

Replacement caps and bungs for Model No. RWPB01 Red/White Post with Base and RWSBKIT bases..

£128.98 Ex Tax: £107.49

Highly visible post and chain kit ideal for creating a temporary safety barrier when worki..

£15.68 Ex Tax: £13.07

Induction coil for Model No. VS240...

£15.68 Ex Tax: £13.07

Induction coil for Model No. VS240...

£229.27 Ex Tax: £191.06

Pneumatic glove tester used to carry out a pressure test on electrician's high voltage glo..

£15.68 Ex Tax: £13.07

Induction coil for Model No. VS240...

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