Caliper & Drum Tools
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Caliper & Drum Tools

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£6.92 Ex Tax: £5.77

Manufactured from heat treated alloy steel. Specifically designed for installation and rem..

£30.82 Ex Tax: £25.68

Stainless steel caliper suitable for accurate measurement of brake disc thickness. Floatin..

£11.40 Ex Tax: £9.50

T-shape design allows easy installation and removal of Mercedes parking brake spring. Suit..

£63.77 Ex Tax: £53.14

Hardened and tempered stainless steel gauge. 11mm High figures in LCD display for ease of ..

£4.60 Ex Tax: £3.83

Used to hold the brake caliper away from the hub when replacing brake pads. Simply hang th..

£18.12 Ex Tax: £15.10

Unique lever action floating jaw assembly enables easy removal of caliper from disc while ..

£4.48 Ex Tax: £3.73

Satin finish Chrome Vanadium socket with knurled ring. S2 Steel Hex shaft. Suitable for th..

£6.92 Ex Tax: £5.77

Designed for use on hydraulic braking systems. Adjusts the clearance between the brake dru..

£38.26 Ex Tax: £31.89

For quick and accurate measurement of brake disc thickness. Long body design, allows use o..

£3.29 Ex Tax: £2.74

Long reach Chrome Vanadium Hex wrench with comfortable handle sleeve for extra leverage. S..

£5.11 Ex Tax: £4.26

Designed to aid installation and removal of large and small T-slot anti-rattle washers fou..

£18.12 Ex Tax: £15.10

Ingenious time-saving tool and essential for any garage. Measures the brake pad lining on ..

£20.23 Ex Tax: £16.86

Chemically blackened steel spreader plates. An essential tool for retracting the brake pis..

£23.83 Ex Tax: £19.86

Designed to aid installation and removal of brake shoe retaining spring washers, found in ..

£12.74 Ex Tax: £10.62

Ideal for quickly checking the thickness of the brake pad lining. Colour-coded blades fit ..

£139.74 Ex Tax: £116.45

Used for installing and removing the brake caliper bolts on commercial vehicles. Designed ..

£12.36 Ex Tax: £10.30

Designed for removing corrosion, brake dust and road dirt from the brake pad carrier prior..

£5.51 Ex Tax: £4.59

Suitable for VAG vehicles such as Porsche, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 etc. 10-Point profile. 3/8"..

£55.08 Ex Tax: £45.90

Designed for the removal/installation of drum shoe retaining springs, found on commercial ..

£20.81 Ex Tax: £17.34

Measures drum wear to ensure it is within manufacturer’s tolerance. Also aids quick set-up..

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