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£7.75 Ex Tax: £6.46

Traditional style smoothing plane with cast iron steel body and carbon steel blade. Shaped..

£4.78 Ex Tax: £3.98

Carbon steel blade. Shaped handle for comfort and control. Approx size: 9-1/4" (235mm). Bl..

£9.72 Ex Tax: £8.10

Cast iron construction and accurate adjustment. Body measures approx 170mm long. Ideal for..

£3.73 Ex Tax: £3.11

Lightweight cast iron body with carbon steel blade. Lightweight and easy to use. Ideal for..

£2.46 Ex Tax: £2.05

Use on wood, aluminium, fibreglass and rubber. Approx length: 145mm...

£6.02 Ex Tax: £5.02

Comfortable handle can be set in two positions to enable use as a plane or file. Manufactu..

£16.30 Ex Tax: £13.59

Cast iron body with hardened carbon steel cutting blade. Fully adjustable for depth of cut..

£16.91 Ex Tax: £14.09

Machined, cast iron body with chrome plated pressure plate. Hardened, carbon steel blade w..

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