Rack Clamps
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Rack Clamps

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£191.97 Ex Tax: £159.98

The Carver Multiclamp is a combination of the three most popular Carver clamps. It comes w..

£39.12 Ex Tax: £32.60

The Carver T186-2 Standard-Duty Moveable Jaws are suitable for all 186 Series Clamps and 1..

£64.74 Ex Tax: £53.95

The Carver T186-600 Standard-Duty Bar utilises the same jaws as its rack clamp equivalents..

£115.16 Ex Tax: £95.96

This medium moveable jaw is suitable for all 285 series clamps, also 290/285 series bars...

£97.83 Ex Tax: £81.53

The Carver T290-2 Medium-Duty Moveable Jaw is suitable for use with all 290 Series Rack Cl..

£45.09 Ex Tax: £37.58

The Carver T321-2 Standard-Duty Long Reach Moveable Jaws are suitable for all 321 Series R..

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