Diagonal & Side Cutting Pliers
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Diagonal & Side Cutting Pliers

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£4.59 Ex Tax: £3.83

The BlueSpot Side Cutter Pliers are manufactured from drop forged micro plated steel for i..

£3.30 Ex Tax: £2.75

BlueSpot Tools Side Cutter Pliers are manufactured from drop-forged micro plated steel for..

£6.18 Ex Tax: £5.15

Faithfull Diagonal Cutting Pliers are ideal for cutting medium and medium-hard wire close ..

£7.56 Ex Tax: £6.30

Faithfull Heavy-Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers have a high leverage design that requires les..

£17.36 Ex Tax: £14.46

Faithfull Long Reach Side Cutting Pliers provide excellent access into tight locations. A ..

£14.78 Ex Tax: £12.31

Faithfull High-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers utilise a compound action to produce extra..

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