Belt - 230V
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Belt - 230V

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£55.80 Ex Tax: £46.50

Black and Decker KA86 Belt Sander has an angled belt design enables you to sand 2 times cl..

£52.50 Ex Tax: £43.75

The Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander ensures a high rate of material removal and is ideal fo..

£79.49 Ex Tax: £66.24

The Einhell TE-BS 8540 E Belt Sander is fitted with speed electronics that ensure that the..

£55.20 Ex Tax: £46.00

Compact lightweight design, ideal for use in bodyshops and reaching inaccessible areas. Sa..

£67.70 Ex Tax: £56.41

Ideal for use in bodyshops, sanding otherwise inaccessible areas, such as around door-shut..

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