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Bits & Holders - Faithfull

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£10.56 Ex Tax: £8.80

This comprehensive security bit set contains just about every screwdriver bit a tradesman ..

£5.84 Ex Tax: £4.86

The Faithfull set of three hex to square drive adaptors. Converts any 1/4 inch hexagon dri..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

This Faithfull Screwdriver Bit Set is a useful addition to any toolkit. The 30 screwdriver..

£7.74 Ex Tax: £6.45

The Faithfull angled bit holder is designed for use with either a cordless or electric pow..

£0.75 Ex Tax: £0.63

Slotted bits are the traditional and oldest form of screwdriver bit and are still widely u..

£4.61 Ex Tax: £3.84

For use in hand-held drivers or power drills, this 1/4 inch female by 1/4 inch male magnet..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.41

Thie Faithfull Bit Holder is designed to hold a screw via the magnetic sleeve to allow for..

£3.63 Ex Tax: £3.03

The Faithfull Magnetic Bit Holder, Finder & Guide is designed for use with standard 1/..

£3.24 Ex Tax: £2.70

Faithfull Magnetic Bit Holder for use in hand-held drivers or power drills, this 1/4in fem..

£7.77 Ex Tax: £6.48

This Faithfull Magnetic Bit Holder is manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with a ..

£3.24 Ex Tax: £2.70

These Faithfull Drywall Screwdriver Adaptors are suitable for use in hand-held drivers or ..

£13.61 Ex Tax: £11.34

This Faithfull Diamond Bit Set contains the six most popular 1/4in drive hex screwdriver b..

£10.88 Ex Tax: £9.06

The Faithfull Quick Change Bit Set is a useful addition to any toolkit, containing 24 of t..

£12.05 Ex Tax: £10.04

The Faithfull Quick-Change Security Bit Set is a useful addition to any toolkit and contai..

£17.72 Ex Tax: £14.76

This Faithfull Bit Set is a versatile set containing 1/4in hex, S2 grade steel screwdriver..

£26.33 Ex Tax: £21.94

An excellent addition to any toolkit, this Faithfull Screwdriver Bit & Socket Set cont..

£21.59 Ex Tax: £17.99

This Faithfull professional security bit set is an invaluable addition to every toolkit an..

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