Panel/Door/Bumper Stands
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Panel/Door/Bumper Stands

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£211.64 Ex Tax: £176.37

Suitable for supporting large panels from cars or commercial vehicles. Features fully adju..

£47.54 Ex Tax: £39.61

Ideal for holding small vehicle body parts such as grilles, spoilers, wings and mirror hou..

£156.40 Ex Tax: £130.33

Suitable for supporting multiple panels and trims including wings, bumpers and spoilers. E..

£161.24 Ex Tax: £134.37

Fully adjustable supporting bars and cones for optimum height. Cones are angled for ease o..

£87.86 Ex Tax: £73.21

Fully adjustable supporting bars and cones for optimum height. Cone is angled for ease of ..

£80.60 Ex Tax: £67.17

Ideal for doors, bonnets, bumpers, wings and spoilers. Adjustable and rotating bars make t..

£128.98 Ex Tax: £107.49

Will take four alloy wheels and enable the user to rotate the wheels on cones so the wheel..

£241.88 Ex Tax: £201.57

Suitable for use with windscreens, sheet metal, hoods and doors as well as other large ite..

£104.79 Ex Tax: £87.33

Compact design but handles the larger bonnets, tailgates etc. Ideal for doors, bonnets, bu..

£161.24 Ex Tax: £134.37

Double-sided rack for safe and tidy workshop storage of most vehicle bumpers. Heavy-duty c..

£43.21 Ex Tax: £36.01

Versatile stand suitable for a wide variety of workshop and bodyshop applications. Work he..

£187.04 Ex Tax: £155.87

Features fully adjustable arms to fit many styles of bonnets, wings, doors and bumpers. Ma..

£75.36 Ex Tax: £62.80

Ideal for storage of bumpers prior to preparation and spraying. Adjustable stand width wit..

£93.91 Ex Tax: £78.25

Suitable for holding up to three bumpers of various lengths for tidy workshop storage. Arm..

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