About Us
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About Us

After spending their formative years elbows deep in Ford Pinto, Vauxhall GSi’s and other classic 80’s & 90’s engines, Russ and Andy developed a passion for anything automotive. These boys have spent many happy hours in the garage and workshop stripping, tuning and rebuilding all forms of engine, dropping in high-lift cams, balancing those twin 48 Weber’s or fitting a Janspeed exhaust.

Zoom forward 30 odd years and that passion has remained, unfortunately however the Saturday morning haven that was the local auto store where many an hour could have been lost drooling over that 172 piece socket set, or Gunson’s timing light has sadly diminished from our high street.

So the question fell – where do you go in the modern day for a decent range of tools if you are an eager home mechanic? The high street stores are gone, the car boot is always hit and miss and often online web stores are at best hard to navigate.

After much deliberation, the boys decided to use their knowledge of automotive tools, their own ideas on how to classify them and a supply chain dating back 30 years to set up Spanner-Monkey.co.uk – an easy to navigate web store that provides a wide range of tools at the best prices they can negotiate.

It is hoped that you find this site easy to use, with a range of tools wide enough to complete any mechanics set and at prices that are kind on the wallet. If you think we can improve in any way, shape or form please drop us an email – we are always looking to develop what we are doing and the ranges we supply.

We may not be the biggest – but we do aim to be the best we can be.