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Mechanics Specialist Tools

Vehicle Service & Maintenance Tools

Tools for dealing with awkward jobs - removing oil filters, bearings, windows, trim etc.

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Whether you’re finally sorting them long awaited repairs around the house or working on your motorbike or car, making sure you’ve got the best quality tool for the job is vital to the success of the job. The tools we’ve sourced for you appeal to everyone from professional tradesmen (these people make a living by using our products – so they’ll only settle for the best) to the less experienced DIYer, whether you’re just starting out and need a full set or just need some particular items, we’ve got you covered. You can benefit from our supply chain dating over 30 years with manufacturers such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, Irwin and many more, which brings you an unbeatable selection at the best prices. Why not visit our special offers page for the best tool deals online?

Toolkits, tool boxes and tool storage from your UK Tool Centre

A full toolkit from the likes of Gedore, Irwin or Stanley can provide you will all the apparatus you need for all jobs, big or small. Or if you’ve got all the kit but nowhere to put it, check out our range of toolboxes, tool chests, tool bags from some of the world’s leading brands. Storage and organisation are vital to getting the job done, knowing where your tools are is the best start! When you spend time and money in your tools they’re best kept secure and in the place you think they are – so you can grab them when you need them. Regardless of the size or style of your collection, we have the appropriate tool storage for you.


Owning many tools for different uses makes your DIY project or repair easier and much more efficient, so before starting make sure you’ve got everything you need. If you haven’t got it, we have. Take advantage of the internet and home delivery – you don’t even need to leave your house to get the right tool supplies.

Get your mechanics tools online from your power tool centre

Except for visual checks, any work you do on your car, motorbike or tuck requires a tool of some sort – and we’ve got them all. Even the most basic tasks like ensuring tyre pressure is correct or polishing a fender needs some type of tool and Spanner Monkey will not disappoint. Our products will help your car, motorbike or truck looking and running great. Whether you’re just topping up the oil levels or rebuilding an engine, the highest class of supplies are an auto-service necessity.

Keeping you safe with PPE and Safety Equipment

Safety should always be the primary concern when undertaking any job, so fear not! We have the all the PPE you could ever need – safety glasses to save yourself from eye injuries, safety helmets to shield your head, face masks to protect your lungs, welding helmets, ear defenders & plugs to preserve your hearing, along with car jacks and wheel braces to lift and support or stop movement of your vehicle, giving you more time to think about the repair safe in the knowledge your car is securely supported. You should always wear the appropriate safety wear for the job you’re doing, the need to worry about where you’re going to get it from is over, it’s all here at Spanner Monkey.